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Here you'll find a featured selection of millinery (crowns, headpieces, hats) and accessories.

For different styles (there's plenty more at the studio), custom orders and hire enquiries please contact The Human Chameleon.

Queen for a Day Crown

The Human Chameleon - Queen for a Day 00.jpg
The Human Chameleon - Queen for a Day 00.jpg

Queen for a Day Crown


The Human Chameleon believes that every girl should feel like a Princess... because every girl is one!

Celebrate a special occasion (like a birthday, graduation or wedding) or just treat your fabulous self, with a custom Chameleon Crown!

Fancy being a 'Queen for a Day'?

Just submit your enquiry below and The Human Chameleon will get back to you to discuss your dreamy creation!

There are many more creations at my studio that aren't shown on my website (because I'm too busy making them to upload them). If you can't find what you're looking for, please just ask!

I look forward to hearing from you and will respond as soon as I can (within the next 48 hours).

- The Human Chameleon